Design law protects the appearance of a product or the part of a product. The protection of a design is acquired by registration with INPI (France), BOIP (Benelux) or the Office of the European Union for intellectual property (EUIPO) and offers its holder an exclusive right. European Union law has created two other independent design titles valid within the European Union, one registered with EUIPO and the other not registered. In addition, at the international level, the registration procedure is centralized with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and makes it possible to ensure the protection of titles abroad. All of these titles are acquired without prejudice to other forms of protection available under domestic law. France's international design obligations are rooted in the Paris Union Convention, the Berne Convention, the Hague Agreement and the Agreement on Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights relating to trade (TRIPS).


Are you looking for a lawyer, in Luxembourg or in France (Aix-Marseille , SUD Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur & Versailles, Grand Paris), specialized and passionate, in Design Law ? Bove Law Office is the right law firm for you. We offer legal advices, assistance and representation for all your projects and procedures, in Design Law, more specifically in the following areas:

1. The Procedure for Registering Designs

We offer a legal service for the registration procedure for designs, from prior art research to final registration with the various existing intellectual property organizations at a national, European or international level (INPI, BOIP, EUIPO, WIPO):


- Availability / anticipation search- Procedure for filing French designs with INPI

- Procedure for filing Benelux designs with BOIP- Procedure for filing Community designs (European Union) with EUIPO

- Procedure for filing international designs with WIPO (The Hague System)

- Protection and enhancement of designs

2. Drafting / negotiation of design contracts

We offer a legal service for the drafting / negotiation of contracts in the field of design rights, such as:


- Design license agreement

- Design assignment contract

3. Procedures in matters of design law

We offer a legal service for litigation in the field of design law, such as:


- The action for nullity of designs : it allows to contest the validity of a registered design.

- The infringement action allows the holder of the right to put an end to the unauthorized actions of a third party with regard to his exclusive right and to obtain compensation. Counterfeiting of a design can be proven by any means.

- The design and counterfeiting seizure procedure.

- At the same time, it is possible to act in copyright infringement, due to the combination of protections permitted by law.

- Finally, the action in unfair competition or parasitic competition is possible, via tort law, which offers a complementary or alternative means of protection.

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